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Award-Winning Creator. 


Elizabeth Rose WilsonFine-Artist. Photographer. Instructor.

A New Zealander based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


My work reflects my diverse interests, experiences, and emotions. I have an interest in architecture, eco-friendly buildings, and the mix of nature and urban construction, influenced by my upbringing in New Zealand and years of living in the mega-city metropolises of London England, Shanghai China, São Paulo Brazil, and more recently Dallas, TX.  My work presents symbolic & thematic nods to all of these environments. As well as an intimate reflection on my reaction to moving to Michigan and coming to terms with the prevalence of animal death (road-kill)!! I also have a continued fascination with anatomy and the miracle of LIFE!


I like to play with the notion of deconstruction, pulling apart order and hovering subjects in a state of fluidity. A centralized bouquet of dystopian and utopian objects, organic and manufactured, constructing something new. 

In all my pieces, I aim to highlight the connection between humankind and nature, emphasizing our interdependence as one collective energy. Through the layers of each piece, from paint to canvas to frame, I symbolize the layers of life and how they eventually return to nourish the earth. My recent body of work 'In the Garden of One' serves as a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness and the cyclical nature of life.

Artist Statement

I am interested in a combination of illustration, graphic design, surrealism, and symbolism. I'm searching for the perfect balance between good design and painting. My key concern is in finding a mid ground between the manufactured-dystopian, and the organic-utopian. I don't care about spectacle, I care about understanding - comprehension. I'm here to raise consciousness, to connect people to themselves and their environment. 


Instagram:  @elizabethrosewilson

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