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Award-Winning Creator. 

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Elizabeth Rose WilsonFine-Artist. Designer. Photographer. Instructor.

A New Zealander based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Wilson's work shows an interest in architecture and the evolution of eco-friendly building. Space and nature mixed with urban construction reflect her upbringing in New Zealand and the consequent fifteen years she spent living in the mega-city metropolises of London England, Shanghai China, São Paulo Brazil, and more recently Dallas, TX.  Wilson's work presents symbolic & thematic nods to all of these environments. 


Wilson plays with the notion of deconstruction, pulling apart order and hovering subjects in a state of fluidity. A centralized bouquet of dystopian and utopian objects, organic and manufactured, constructing something new and reminding the viewer that we are all one complex energy mass.

Artist Statement

I am interested in a combination of illustration, graphic design, surrealism, and symbolism. I'm searching for the perfect balance between good design and painting. My key concern is in finding a mid ground between the manufactured-dystopian, and the organic-utopian. I don't care about spectacle, I care about understanding - comprehension. I'm here to raise consciousness, to connect people to themselves and their environment. 


Instagram:  @elizabethrosewilson

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